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History of Sheoganj

Situated on the bank of Jawai river in Rajasthan, Sheoganj is a prosperous town. Sheoganj city is located in Sirohi district and it is the tehsil headquarters of Sheoganj Tehsil. It is an ideal spot to relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday with your family or friends. As it is well connected to major cities of the state, it is easily accessible from anywhere.

The important historical incidence in Sheoganj is an agreement between Maharaja Man Singh, the erstwhile Jodhpur King and the British Government. A per the agreement signed on 6th January 1818, The kind agreed to provide 1500 soldiers to British Government in times of need. But he withdrew the contigent of the soldiers, which he had provided earlier, on 7th December 1835 and agreed to pay Rs 1, 15, 000 for recruiting their own soldiers.

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