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Country  : INDIA
District(s) : SIROHI
Population : 30,000 (Approx)
Time zone : IST (UTC+05:30)
In case of any emergency (Accident, Fire, Theft, Help, Cardiac Illness, Labour pans etc ) 
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Sheoganj, A prosperous town situated on the bank of Jawai River is about 9 Kms away from Jawai Bandh Railway station. Its history began with an agreement signed between earstwhile Jodhpur King Maharaja Man Singh & The Britsh Government on 6th Jaunary 1818. The Maharaja agreed to provide 1500 soliders in time of need. On 7th December 1835 the Maharaja withdrew the contigent of the soliders, he had provided earlier and agreed to pay Rs. 1,15,000 for recruitment and managment of thier own soliders. The company recruited these army soliders in Ajmer. After the completion of the recruitment, the company goverment asked the earstwhile Maharaja of Sirohi Shri Shiv Sigh ji to Provide place for the new recruitiees. in 1837 this army contigent was established as an army
North : Jawai River
East :  Badgaon
South : Kesarpura
West : Marwar Paladi,
Kanpura and Chandana.
Jawai River and Handanada, Dudela, Futela and Kolar dam some 3-5 K.M away.
Wheat, Makka, Til, Moong, Moth, Urad, Bajra, Jwar, Chana, Gwar, Saraso, Rui, Moongphali, Vegetables and Fruits.
Mandi of Medicinal goods, Photography, Sarafa, Sweets and Pharsaan, Vegetables, Wedding Clothes and General items.
Marble, Fabrication,
Granite in Dhawli, Oil mills, Agarbatti.
Jawai Bandh Station
- Main Railway link.
Abu Road to Delhi
Reodar to Delhi
Sirohi to Jaipur
Sirohi to Jodhpur
On the bank of Jawai river enroute from Ahmedabad to Sirohi-Delhi.
Dry, Water without salt, Neem trees in abudance always helpfull in recovering from illnes. Temprature is 250 to 450
contonment in Erinpura. The name Erinpura was derived from Commander Downing's birth place "The Erin Island". In 1860 this army contigent was named as the Erinpura Irregular force. Later in 1903 This contigent assumed the title of 43rd Erinpura regement. Before establishment of this regiment the place was totally uninhebitate. Later Bungalows was constructed for British officers. Gardens, Post Office, Dak Bunglow came in existence in the process of development. Along with this civilian pouplation settlement also increased.
                                                                                                                On 11th May 1854 Mahraja Shiv Singh ji laid the foundation of Sheoganj on his own name. He entrusted the task of further progress of this town to
nagar seth Shri Juharmal Lodha of Pali
A good number of business community and other service person migrated to sheoganj from Pali. The Maharaja reduced taxes on business transaction. He alloted residential land at the rate of Rupee 1 and 5 Annas for per plot. To avail these facilities   many businessmen and other people came and settled here. Gradually this place became hub of business activities. The process is still continuing. There is no looking back.
No. Emergency Numbers
1 Accident, Heart Attack, Brain Hembrage, Paralysis,
Labour Pains
2 Police 270100
3 Fire Brigade 271460
4 Electric Failure 270130
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No. Travel
1 Airways
2 Railways
3 Roadways
54.Mahaveer Colony
55.Main Bazar/R.K Complex
56.Maliyon Ka Vas
57.Mandar Colony
58.Mandir Gali
59.Mandora Colony
60.Mansa Wali Vas
61.Maszid Gali
62.Maszid Gali
64.Modiyon Ka Vas
65.Moti Chowk
66.Nagar Setho Ka Nohra
67.Nakoda Bhairav Colony
68.Narain ji Vas
69.Near Arya Samaj
70.Nehru Nagar
71.New Bas Stand
72.NH-11 Police Station to RICCO
73.Old Hospital(Behind)
74.Paththar Gali
75.Pava Wali Vas
76.Pechka Vas
77.Pithaniyo Ka Vas
78.Raichand Colony General
79.Raichand Colony Highway Road
80.Rajputon/Sutharo Ka Vas
81.Rawalon Ka Vas
82.Rohida Wali Vas
83.Roop Bagh
84.Sabzi Mandi
85.Sadar Bazar
86.Salodariya Vas
87.Sanderao Vas
88.Sanghvi Nagar
89.Santoshi Nagar
90.Sathiyon Ka Vas
91.Saviyon Ka Vas
92.Sewko Ka Vas
93.Shanti Nagar
94.Shastri Nagar/Adinath Nagar
95.Shitla Mata Vas
96.Shiv Colony
97.Singhvi Udhyog
98.Sohan Kishanji Jav
99.Srinath Niranjan/Shiv Shakti
Apartment/Anil Bhavan
100.Subhash Nagar
101.Swaroop Singh Rao/Ranawat Colony
102.Vardhaman Colony
103.Varkali Vas
104.Vilayati Vas
105.Wadi Hariom Colony
1.Adarsh Grih Society
2.Adarsh Nagar
3.Adinath Society
4.Airanpura Nai Abadi
5.Airanpura NH Dak Banglow
to Police Station
6.Akhariya Bhatta
7.Ambaji Gali
8.Ambeshwar Gali
9.Ambika Colony
10.Anand Nagar
11.Bada Menwada
12.Badriji Vas
13.Bari Wali Vas
14.Barloot Vas
15.Bastimal Jav
16.Chhipa Vas
17.Chhipa Wadi
18.Chhopa Wali Vas
19.Chota Menwada
20.Cinema Gali
21.Dariyavji Mandir New Abadi
22.Darshan Sagar Society
23.Dhan Mandi
24.Dhobi Mohalla
25.Gehlot Nagar
26.Gemawat Lane
27.Ghachhiyon Ka Vas
29.Government Hospital (Behind)
30.Guruon Ka Vas
31.Harijan Basti Badgao Road
32.Harijan Basti Chawani
33.Hira Bhura Jav
34.Hiragar Wadi/Gurudwara Jav
35.Holi Chowk
36.Indra Colony
37.Jatiyon Ka Vas
38.Jhanda Vas
40.Kambeshwar Colony
41.Kapoor Complex/Society
42.Karan Nagar
43.Kazi House(Near)
45.Khazanchiyon Ka Vas
46.Khichhiyon Ka Vas
47.Khima Otaji Ka Jav
48.Kriplani Nagar
49.Kundan Nagar/Rajendra Nagar
50.Kutumb Colony Part A
51.Kutumb Colony Part B
52.Laxman Kirty/Kapur Aavasiya Basti
1.Adarsh Grih Society
2.Adarsh Nagar
3.Adinath Society

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No. Name
1 Shri Kaluramji Lodha
2 Shri Kachardasji Lodha
3 Shri Vardhichandji Lodha
4 Shri Juharmalji Lodha
5 Shri Takathrajji Lodha
6 Shri Prakasjrajji Lodha
7 Shri Ajit Singhji Lodha
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1.Agrwalon Ka Vas                               
2.Ambamata Kas Vas
3.Arya Nagar
4.Band Walo Ka Vas
5.Bari Wali Vas
6.Barloot Walon Ka Vas
7.Cheepon Ka Vas
8.Cheepon Ka Vas
9.Chopon Ka Vas
10.Gamna Guru Ka Vas
11.Gaur Brahminon ki Basti
12.Gemawaton Ka Vas
13.Gen Puriji Ka Vas
14.Ghaanchiyon Ka Vas
15.Ghoshi Mohalla
16.Ghoshi Mohalla
17.Gokul Wadi
18.Gol Chabutra
19.Gram Joshiiyon Ka Vas
20.Gwalion Ka Vas
21.Harijan Basti
22.Hiragaron Ki Basti
23.Jagiri Gram
24.Jhanda Wali Vas
25.Khadia Ki nai Basti
26.Khajanchiyo Ka Vas
27.Kharniyon Ka Vas
28.Khatriyon Ki Bageechi
29.Kheechiyon Ka Vas
30.Kheradiyon Ka Vas
31.Kumharon Ka Vas
32. Mahadevji Madhi Ka Vas
33.Maheshwariyon Ka Vas
34.Mataji Ka Vas
35.Meghwalon Ka Vas
37.Monchiyon Ka Vas
38.Nagar Sethon Ki Haveli
39.Narayan Guru Ka Vas
40.Pawa Walo Ka Vas
41.Pechka Vas
42.Pinjaron Ka Vas
43.Pitaniyon Ka Vas
44.Pomawa Walo Ka Vas
45.Puran Menwada
46.Rai Chand Colony
47.Rawalon Ka Vas
48.Salodariyon Ke Kumaron Ka Vas
49.Sangvi Nagar
50.Satiyon Ka Vas
51.Sewagon Ka Vas
52.Subedaro Ka Vas
Agrsen Marg
Ambika Chowk
Maharshi Dayanand Marg
Jatiyon Ka Vas
Bari Wali Vas
Barloot Vas
Cheepa Vas
Sutharo Ka Vas
Roida Vas
Gamna Guru Ka Vas
Bada Mandir Wali Gali
Gemawaton Ka Vas
Maliyon Ka Vas
Ghaanchiyon Ka Vas
Kriplani Nagar
Naya Ghoshi Mohalla
Gokul Wadi
Sardar Patel Marg
Near Holi Chowk
Rajputon Ka Vas
Harijan Basti
Hiragar Vadi
Jhanda Wali Vas
Indra Colony
Khajanchiyo Ka Vas
Colonel Vas
Badgaon Road
Kheechiyon Ka Vas
Kheradiyon Ka Vas
Jatiyo Ka Vas
Kambeshwar Mahadev Gali
Vilayti Vas
Sitla Mata Vas
Ambika Chowk
Nagar Setho Ki Haveli
Narayan Ji Ka Vas
Pawa Walo Ka Vas
Pechka Vas
Masjid Ka Vas
Pitaniyon Ka Vas
Sanderao Vas
Bada Men Wada Chawani
Rai Chand Colony
Rawalon Ka Vas
Salodariyon Ka Vas
Pandit Gopinath Marg
Satiyon Ka Vas
Sewagon Ka Vas
Mansa Wali Vas
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